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The Snows of Venice

Alexander Kluge and Ben Lerner
Spector Books
Artists' Books
13.5 × 21.5 × 3 cm
300 pp
Photography, Conversations

American author Ben Lerner and German film-maker and writer Alexander Kluge come from two different generations but share a single passion: an interest in the long-term effects of things. A line from Lerner’s poem “The sky stops painting and turns to criticism” that Kluge was struck by some years ago became the starting point for their first joint book project. Kluge responded to this celestial critique with a story about the technically controlled power of a squadron of bombers bossing the skies over Aleppo, which Lerner answered with a sonnet.

Step by step this gave rise to poems, stories, and conversations in which the heavens show their bewitching and threatening qualities. This literary dialogue is published in The Snows of Venice. A series of twenty-one photographs that Gerhard Richter took in Venice in the 1970s augments the interplay of texts and the principle of interconnecting poetic horizons.

Designer: Fabian Bremer, Pascal Storz, Spector Bureau

Hardcover,with numerous black and white illustrations and colour photographs

  1. The Snows of Venice

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