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Je n’ai rien à dire. Seulement à montrer. / Ich habe nichts zu sagen. Nur zu zeigen. / I have nothing to say. Only to show. Natalie Czech. Spector Books.

Natalie Czech
Spector Books
Artists' Books
23.5 × 34 × 1 cm

“Natalie Czech therefore accomplishes something completely unexpected, something rarely seen either in literature or the visual arts: her works are based on experimental designs that engender something new by subsequently amending found texts, while at the same time opening up known texts—by Apollinaire, O’Hara or Brinkmann—to new readings in a fascinating way, thus rediscovering these works in other contexts, through other media, as images, through the medium of photography, and hence allowing them to reemerge as new.” – Eckhard Schumacher

With texts by: Vanessa Joan Müller, Dorothea Zwirner und Eckhard Schumacher

  1. Je n’ai rien à dire. Seulement à montrer. / Ich habe nichts zu s

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