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Border Crossings Issue No. 152

Border Crossings
30 × 23 cm
148 pp
Canadian, Contemporary Art

Border Crossings has published a Special Issue on Photography featuring a lengthy section in tribute to Robert Frank.

It would not be possible to suitably reflect Robert Frank’s significant role in contemporary photography: he caused us to look and look again—closely. The Border Crossings tribute to this legendary photographer is rooted in the personal, taking the form of a memoir by Paul Roth who is the Director of the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto; an essay on a long-standing friendship by Border Crossings’ Editor Meeka Walsh and a portfolio of letters sent by Robert Frank to a friend, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan—the writer Chester Pelkey and introduced by Border Crossings’ Senior Contributing Editor, Robert Enright. All the remembrances are accompanied by Robert Frank’s images.

The issue also includes two interviews—one with the young Vancouver-based Inuk filmmaker, Lindsay McIntyre, and the other with award-winning Montreal photographer Benoit Aquin.

For all of us, fascinated by the world going on without us—that is, in our absence—a magical portfolio by Quebec photographer Éliane Excoffier revealing the nightlife of forest animals.

There is a presentation of articles, all photo-based: noted critic and curator Peggy Gale on the unique work of George Steeves, Daniel Baird on the complicated issues of photography’s truthfullness, Anna Kovler’s piece, with its highly descriptive title “Into Another Skin: Women and Self-Portraiture” and James Campbell engaging the spectral gravity of objects.

The review section, Crossovers, is filled with topics addressing photography and more. Here are some: Liz Magor, Brendan Fernandes, Vikky Alexander, Brian Jungen, Jagdeep Raina, Karen Asher. This issue opens with the work of two young artists: Luther Konadu and his photographs and painter Alex Bierk and his intimate transcription of photographs to paint.

Softcover, colour.

  1. Border Crossings Issue No. 152

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