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Roula Partheniou: Index

Roula Partheniou
Dunlop Art Gallery and Oakville Galleries
Artists' Books
15 × 23 cm
160 pp

Through her meticulous recreations of household items—from chalk to cheese—Toronto-based artist Roula Partheniou encourages viewers to rethink their visual assumptions, questioning how much visual information we need to recognize objects. In Index, Partheniou brings together several significant bodies of work including House & Home & Garden (2015), Odd One Out (2015), and Parts and Wholes (2013), among others. Richly illustrated throughout, the book is part monograph and part artist’s book, and includes critical texts by Jennifer Matotek, Jon Davies, Ivan Jurakic, Fynn Leitch, Peggy Gale, and an interview with Nate McLeod.

  1. Roula Partheniou: Index

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