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General Idea Editions 1967-1995

General Idea
Blackwood Gallery
17 × 23 cm

“General Idea Editions 1967-1995” has been published to accompany the traveling retrospective exhibition of the edition-based works by the seminal artists’ collective General Idea. Containing over 200 full-page b&w and colour reproductions, the 320-page book documents the complete editions produced from 1967 (in the two years prior to the official formation of the group in 1969), through the vast array of works that spanned their historic 25-year collaboration until 1994, the year in which Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal died from AIDS-related causes. The visual documentation concludes with “XXX Voto (for the Spirit of Miss General Idea”), published posthumously by the group’s sole surviving member AA Bronson in 1995. Researched by Fern Bayer, the Catalogue Raisonné includes a list of ephemera, film and video works, a biography, bibliography, and index to the editions. The introduction by exhibition curator Barbara Fischer is followed with an essay by AA Bronson, excerpts from a conversation between AA Bronson and Mike Kelley, and commentaries by a host of internationally respected artists and writers — Jean-Christophe Ammann, Cathy Busby, Lionel Bovier, Cathy Busby, Christophe Cherix, Joshua Decter, Diedrich Diederichsen, John Miller, Philip Monk, and Stephan Trescher.

  1. General Idea Editions 1967-1995

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