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Philippe Parreno
mfc-michèle didier
Artists' Books
24 × 34 cm

FADE TO BLACK gathers eleven titled images, which are detachable. Each of them documents an artistic proposal. Each image constitutes the footprint, the testimony to an action or ephemeral installation by Philippe Parreno. FADE TO BLACK is a “bedside book” that can only be browsed in the dark. The images inside are printed with phosphorescent ink that must first be exposed to light to become visible. This very light, stored within the matter itself, reveals the image. It is however doomed to disappear as the quantity of reflected light is limited to its time of exposure. A specific time lapse is thus associated with the existence of the image. For Philippe Parreno, time constitues an artistic material of choice. Photographs by Philippe Parreno, Wire-O bound, printed in a limited edition of 520 copies + 60 signed copies + 20 A.P.


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