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White Trash Boulevard

Gary Indiana
Hanuman Books
Artists' Books
7 × 10 × 0.8 cm

Features three stories by Gary Indiana (b. 1950) an American poet, writer, filmmaker, playwright and visual artist.

This is #21 in the Hanuman small press book series started by the editor/publisher Raymond Foye in collaboration with the Transavanguardia artist Francesco Clemente. Hanuman was the favorite Hindu deity of both men, and they decided to name their press after him. The Hanuman Books series has published works by William Burroughs, Allen Ginsburg, Patti Smith, Richard Hell, Jack Kerouac, William de Kooning, Robert Frank and other visionary and countercultural writers and artists. The tiny format of the books — they measure 3” by 4” in size — is based on prayer books in India. They are hand-made in India, where each little book is colored with deeply saturated tones to produce a limited edition.

  1. White Trash Boulevard

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