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San Rocco #3: Mistakes

San Rocco
17 × 23 × 2 cm

SAN ROCCO is a magazine about architecture. It does not solve problems. It is not a useful magazine. It is neither serious nor friendly. It is written by architects; as such, it is not particularly intelligent, or philologically accurate.

This Winter 2011 issue features the following:

The wrong pyramid – Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Perfectly Fine for Mies – Kersten Geers

Data Center on Lexington Avenue – Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Beauty and Mistakes in the Early Work of Peter Markli – Andrea Zanderigo

Modernistic Neanderthalism – Matteo Poli

Scamozzi versus Sansovino – Paolo Carpi

The Displacement of the Grande Arche: The Story of a Surreal Monument – Wulf Boer

Santa Maria Annunziata in Roccaverano: The misinterpretation of a project by Bramante – Manuela M. Morresi

La Bombonera – Giacomo Summa

Hagia Sophia versus Hagia Sophia – Ioanna Volaki

Solomon, I have outdone thee! – Asli Cicek

Systematic Mistakes:Notes on Leon Battista Alberti’s Design strategies – Angelo Del Vecchio

Review of the exhibition emergency in favour of twice at the institute of contemporary art – Aaron Moulton

The wrong program – BARarchitekten

The four books of mistakes – Matteo Ghidoni

Deliberate mistakes: Stories of the Winchester house – Cèdric Boulet

Phantoms of monuments – Mathieu Mercuriali

Freud and Méliès – Alexander Hilton Wood

An “aesthetics of Mistakes” in the discourse of the “Collective actions” group – Sergei Sitar interviews Andrei Monastyrski

The Nightmare of participation, or considering the value of failure as a proactive catalyst for change – Markus Miessen

Architecture, dynamite and the political establishment – Giovanni La Varra

Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better. On the potential of what goes wrong in relation to modernism and art – Filipa Ramos

Mitologia Ferrari – Stefano Graziani

Instant paradise: A story of failure and accidental beauty – Steven Bosmans and Michael Langeder

A lake and swimming pool: Two water stories from USSR – Saverio Pesapane

A mistakes of principles: The principles of architecture are eleven and immutable – 2A+P/A

  1. San Rocco #3: Mistakes

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