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Chris Kraus: Video Green Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Nothingness

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15 × 23.3 × 1.7 cm

Video Green examines the explosion of late 1990s Los Angeles art driven by high-profile graduate programs. Probing the surface of art-critical buzzwords, Chris Kraus brilliantly chronicles how the City of Angels has suddenly become the epicenter of the international art world and a microcosm of the larger culture. Why is Los Angeles so completely divorced from other realities of the city? Shrewd, analytic and witty, Video Green is to the Los Angeles art world what Roland Barthes’ Mythologies were to the society of the spectacle: the live autopsy of a ghost city.

ISBN-10 1-58435-022-9

ISBN-13 978-1-58435-022-4

  1. Chris Kraus: Video Green

Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Not

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