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Project Series: Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson and Ben Kinmont
Antinomian Press
Artists' Books
11 × 8.5 inches

Occurring simultaneously in nine different cities on April 6 2021, the publication was printed on live streams from Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sebastopol (CA), Toronto, New York City, London, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin. There will also be a conversation between MoMA curator Christophe Cherix and Ben Kinmont discussing the publication, the work of Ian Wilson, and the Antinomian Press.

Project series: Ian Wilson is an interview between Ben Kinmont and Ian Wilson that took place on the 19th of October, 1997, in Kinmont’s home in NYC. With Ian’s consent and involvement, the conversation was recorded and later transcribed, but it was never published. Project series: Ian Wilson will be the first appearance of the complete interview.

Previous publications issued by the Antinomian Press in the Project series include those about Lee Lozano (1998), Chris D’Arcangelo (2005), and Seth Siegelaub (2016).

In the interview, Ian discusses the origin of his Discussion pieces, where and when they occurred, and their content and purpose. He mentions the work of Robert Barry, Joseph Kosuth, and Lawrence Weiner, the exhibitions of Seth Siegelaub, and the writings of Lucy Lippard. He also addresses when a conversation is and isn’t an artwork and how the interview is different from one of his Discussion pieces.

Project series: Ian Wilson is published by the Antinomian Press. Printed in an oblong format and stapled in the upper left hand corner, it is forty-nine leaves long, includes one original color photograph tipped-in as a frontispiece, and a few illustrations in the text.

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