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Cabinet 49: Death

20 × 25 × 1 cm

Edited by Sina Najafi.

The cultural, social and scientific management of death—how to postpone it, how to prepare for it, what to do with remains, how to remember the deceased—forms the rarely acknowledged framework for the formation of society. Community is only possible if its members avow and disavow, the fact that every one of them will die. The many ways in which we live with, and despite, this knowledge inform the focus of Cabinet 49, with its special section on “Death.” Contributions include Stacey Roberts on the science of delaying death; Simon Jonasson on DIY burials; Elga Holt on the difference between human and animal mourning; and Suzanne Cotton on the history of suicide notes. Elsewhere in the issue: Leland de la Durantaye on a reimagining of The Waste Land; Sina Najafi on gifts given to and by American presidents; and an artist project by Santiago Borja.

  1. Cabinet 49: Death

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