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Darkitecture: Learning Architecture for the Twenty-First Century

Two Little Boys
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21 × 25.5 × 1.7 cm

Darkitecture is an anthology of texts and projects exploring how we learn about architecture and build buildings for real communities in the twenty-first century. It draws on the ideas and methods of the late architect Gerrard O’Carroll, a vibrant and unorthodox thinker, reprinting his own writings and statements alongside texts and projects by his contemporaries and alumni. Together these writings represent a selection of “what if?” scenarios with which to proceed on the journey toward becoming an architect; toward the conception of a design vocabulary that enhances everyday life; and the creation of buildings and urbanisms that embrace the irrational and celebrate the social. Darkitecture is a revolutionary handbook that will challenge students, designers, architects and citizens to review the way they look at and think about architecture.

Edited by Iwona Blazwick. Text by Iain Aitch, Paola Antonelli, Iwona Blazwick, Nigel Coates, Emma Dexter, Tom Greenall Rosy Head, Jonathan Hill, Claire Jamieson, Anna Minton, Rowan Moore, Jake Moulson, Richard Noble, Lucy Pengilley Gibb , Fiona Raby, Alex Smith, Noam Toran, Anthony Vidler, Gilda Williams.

  1. Darkitecture: Learning Architecture for the Twenty-First Century

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