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New Reproductions

David Maljkovi?
Mousse Publishing
Artists' Books
24 × 35.5 × 1 cm

Jurga Daubarait? (ed.)

“She, the grid system is aware only of her corners, not of her straight lines. She perceives her own space and those persons who traverse her space as flat entities moving swiftly and without substance.” – Maria Fusco.

The artist book New Reproductions, published in conjunction with David Maljkovi?‘s exhibition at CAC Vilnius, is a dense object jn which the textual contributions function as poetic and fictional response to the artist’s collaged 48 images. Here, Maljkovi? provides a certain utilitarian take on re-reading, remembering, incompleteness, and exhaustion as artistic positions in order to assemble filiations between works separated by time span and by his changing ideas.

New Reproduction is part of MIDI, an imprint of Mousse Publishing initiated by Åbäke.

  1. New Reproductions

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