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Martin Creed: What's the Point of It?

Martin Creed
Hayward Publishing
Artists' Books
25 × 29 × 2.5 cm

Foreword by Ralph Rugoff. Text by Paul Morley, Cliff Lauson, Joachim Pisarro, Bill Bailey.

“Work No. 1273” is reproduced from Martin Creed: What’s the Point of It?.Winner of the 2001 Turner Prize, Martin Creed (born 1968) has been recognized around the world for his conceptually driven art that is at once playful, thought-provoking and deeply ambiguous. Crossing all artistic media, and including musical performance and dance, his art transforms common materials and actions into surprising meditations on existence, choice, perception and the invisible structures that shape everyday experience. Martin Creed: What’s the Point of It? is a large-format, fully illustrated publication accompanying the first major survey of Creed’s work at the Hayward Gallery in London. Encompassing the full range and scale of Creed’s work, this comprehensive monograph spans its most minimal moments to extravagant room-sized installations, neon signs, video projections and performances. Outstanding in scope, design and scholarship, this essential volume features key artworks and a number of newly commissioned essays by music journalist Paul Morley, art historian Joachim Pissarro and Hayward Gallery curator Cliff Lauson, and a text by actor and musician Bill Bailey.

  1. Martin Creed: What’s the Point of It?

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