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Flippin' Harris: A Brief History of Cuts

Jim Miller
Artists' Books
14 × 9.5 × 1.1 cm

From the back page of FLIPPINHARRIS: “On June 8, 1995, Mike Harris and the reform-a-Tories were elected to government in Ontario after luring voters with visions of TAX CUTS—and promises not the cut Health Care or Education. This was the beginning of a 4 years nightmare free-fall through the social safety net for many Ontarians: hospital closings; school closings; higher tuition fees; the Tenant Protection Act?; homeless people in doorways; boot camps for teens; ambulances circling cities looking for open emergency rooms; user fees for everything; cuts to Legal Aid; super jails; welfare cuts; cuts to women’s shelters; cuts to low cost housing; pay equity cuts; cuts to workers rights; cuts to environmental protection…all to pay for the tax break that in the end only benefits the top 6% of wage earners. In 1999 Mike Harris is again promising tax cuts to Ontarians. Surely its time to cut Harris!”

Artist flipbook, saddle stitch, black and white illustrations.

  1. Flippin’ Harris: A Brief History of Cuts

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