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Pythagora's Ghost

Martin Bartlett
Western Front
14 × 12.3 × 1 cm

Music for instruments and electronics. Pythagora’s Ghost: four electronic wind instruments with Peter Hannan, Lori Freedman, Julia Nolan and David Branter; The Nautical Almanac: Peter Hannan. Recorder; Mark Ferris, Violin; Peggy Lee, Cello; Lay Tuan Tan, Piano and Lauri Lyster, Percussion; The Arrival of Sir John Franklin in Paradise: Martin Bartlett, Voice and Electronics.

Producers: The Western Front.
Recording engineer: Iain Macanulty
Graphics: Alan Storey
Designer: Ted Staunton
Coordinator: Bill Parsons
Technical assistance: Matt Rogalsky, Robert Kozinuk
Mastering: Precision Sound

FRONT 001: Front Records is a project of The Western Front, a non-profit interdisciplinary artists’ cooperative and performance space. This CD is issued as part of its 20th anniversary celebration (1993).

Track Listing:

Pythagoras’ Ghost

1. Akousmata 11:30
2. Xenomelophilia 5:10
3. Chronopneuma 7:15
4. Gymnosophia 2:37
5. The Nautical Almanac 11:28

The Arrival Of Sir John Franklin In Paradise

6. I Fireworks 3:50
7. II Song from Dante 5:09
8. III Relics 4:10

  1. Pythagora’s Ghost

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