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National Gallery Catalogue"" 2004 - Sullivan, Derek

Eva Weinmayr
Prizen Verlag
Artists' Books
16 × 20.5 cm

In an unwitting collaboration with Weinmayr, Rosamund Felsen, of the Rosamund Felsen Gallery in Santa Monica, faxes copies of Bruce Nauman’s Fingers and Holes etchings to Munich in anticipation for a sale and, subsequent to Weinmayr’s response that she will not buy the etchings as she prefers the fax copies, faxes to inform Weinmayr that the fax copy is not art but “ an immediate means of communication.” Hoping to preserve the immediacy of their communication, Weinmayr collects the correspondance into this book. The themes of authenticity, marketplace value and technology are cleverly intertwined in this spontaneous interaction.

Edition of 1000


  1. National Gallery Catalogue““ 2004 - Sullivan, Derek

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