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Bearded line man

Graham Hall
Artists' Books

The “RAISE the floor” fundraising project celebrates articule’s move to a new storefront space on Fairmount Street and aims to finance critical renovations to the new space such as the removal of the linoleum floor. The “RTF” project consists of a series of T-shirts (each printed in a limited edition!) featuring the work of artists who have played a role as exhibiting, founding or supporting artists in the past & present of articule. Wearing an “RTF” shirt is an exciting way for you to encourage artist run center culture and look great while doing it!

The third T-shirt of this series has been produced in association with our very own Graham Hall (Montreal), articule’s current president. To cater to your one of a kind consumer taste, Graham has carefully printed this charming colorful character on recycled shirts of all shapes and colors.

Colours: blan, tan. Styles: women’s v-neck short sleeve t-shirt and women’s v-neck jersey long sleeve t-shirt. Sizes: M

  1. Bearded line man

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