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Chat Botté

Stephen Schofeild
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The “RAISE the floor” fundraising project celebrates articule’s move to a new storefront space on Fairmount Street and aims to finance critical renovations to the new space such as the removal of the linoleum floor. The “RTF” project consists of a series of T-shirts (each printed in a limited edition!) featuring the work of artists who have played a role as exhibiting, founding or supporting artists in the past & present of articule. Wearing an “RTF” shirt is an exciting way for you to encourage artist run center culture and look great while doing it!

The Forth t-shirt in the series was produced in association with Stephen Schofield (Montreal). The design he created is based on a text he wrote for the 1986 event “Le hat botté” (Puss in Boots). Presented as part of articule’s “Art qui parle” series, this round table discussion used Puss as an allegory of an artist negotiating career , practice, survival and achievement.

Colours: grey. Styles: men’s v-neck jersey t-shirt. Sizes: M

  1. Chat Botté

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