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What Does Public Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena

Torpedo Press
14 × 19 × 1.3 cm

The book addresses the political, analytical, and critical potential of the art arena by focusing on projects and accounts of actions that take place outside the established institutions. Academics, artists, and cultural producers from Oslo, Vilnius, Hamburg, New York and San Sebastian highlight recent political developments and the impact of “the new economy.”

Contributors are Marianne Heier (Oslo), Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas (Vilnius), Stian Grøgaard (Oslo), Peio Aguirre and Leire Vergara (San Sebastian/ Bilbao), Tone Hansen (Oslo), Cornelia Sollfrank (Hamburg), Gardar Eide Einarsson (New York), and Ina Blom (Oslo).

  1. What Does Public Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena

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