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N.E. Thing Co. Ltd.: Celebration of the Body

N.E. Thing Co.
N.E. Thing Co.
Artists' Books
31.5 × 31.5 × 0.5 cm

A series of loose-leaf sheets featuring illustration and texts enclosed in a titled, silver portfolio that N.E. Thing Co. (Iain Baxter, Ingrid Baxter) launched at the Agnes Etherington Gallery in Kingston, Ontario during the Montreal ’76 Olympics.

In reference to elite-sporting events, N.E. Thing Co.‘s ‘Celebration of the Body’ demonstrates the aesthetic concerns and relationships between athletic and artistic activity.

The set of 104 enclosed sheets include N.E. Thing Co.‘s signature illustrations (from disparate sources) superimposed on graph paper as well as a film program, video program, and handlist of art works included in the event.

The main texts are reprints, and include “Body Works” by Willoughby Sharp & Liza Bear (from Avalanche), “The Pains and Pleasures of Rebirth: Women’s Body Art” by Lucy R. Lippard (from Art in America), and “The Aesthetic in Sport” by David Best (from The British Journal of Aesthetics).

  1. N.E. Thing Co. Ltd.: Celebration of the Body

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