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Lady Face / Man Body

Heather Cassils
21.5 × 28 × 0.3 cm

The LadyFace // ManBody zine is the result of a collaboration between photographer Robin Black and visual artist Heather Cassils. Formatted as a fine art periodical, the zine features powerful pin-ups for a shifting cultural landscape.

Heather Cassils is a Canadian artist and body builder who uses an exaggerated physique to intervene and interrogate systems of power and control. Often employing many of the same strategies used by FLUXUS and guerrilla theater, Cassils’ method is multidisciplinary and crosses a spectrum of performance, video, and photography. From dabbling in stunts to a stint as a semi pro boxer, Cassils’ path has led from the blaze of a full body burn to brushing lips with pop stars. Cassils’ solo physical performances are informed by a decade of working in the collective Toxic Titties, but are grounded in the exploration of the specific possibilities of the body, as both instrument and image.

  1. Lady Face / Man Body

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