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Here and There vol. 9 (Her Life)

Nakako Hayashi
21 × 29.7 × 0.3 cm

The theme of the nineth issue of Here and There is HER LIFE. It deals with the various factors that make up the many waves in a woman’s life, such as working, becoming pregnant, giving birth. The colorful stories told by Elein Fleiss, Laetitia Bena, Yurie Nagashima, Miranda July, Midori Araki and Aiko Yamada, reflect each of their lives.

Nakako Hayashi writes: “There are various lives, various moments and various emotions. I wish to capture the ripples of emotion in our daily lives as seeds, right before they turn into fluff and float away. I wish to keep observing what grows from there. I guess this may be what I want to do with Here and There.”

SANPO is a Japanese word meaning walking around without purpose. The second feature SANPO includes writing by two Japanese artists; Kanehito Koganezawa and Shimabuku.


  1. Here and There vol. 9 (Her Life)

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