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PREFIX PHOTO #25 Land and Sea

Prefix Photo
21.5 × 25.5 × 0.8 cm

In the twenty-fifth issue of Prefix Photo magazine, editor Scott McLeod has assembled an array of writers and artists, all of whom engage with the subjects of land and sea in their critical explorations of labour, industry, transportation, communication and trade, as follows:

Architectural historian and critic Kenneth Hayes examines photographers Louie Palu, Edward Burtynsky and Allan Sekula and their photographic observations of Sudbury, Ontario, a city uniquely identified with mining. The three artists worked independently, but all had a complex, extended engagement with the place, and with the genre of mining photography.

Artist and educator Robert Bean considers how photographic artist Scott Conarroe, in his photographic series By Sea, subtly suggests, through his careful inscription of place, the threat posed by environmental, economic, social and political crises, both past and future. Like the sea itself, Conarroe’s exquisitely luminous and ostensibly tranquil land- and seascapes contain an immanent peril.

Art historian Anja Bock discusses Pascal Grandmaison‘s photographic and video work since 2006, with emphasis on his monumental Half of the Darkness. Drawing on Jacques Lacan, Roland Barthes, Margaret Iverson and Eric Rosenberg, the author argues that Grandmaison uses strategies of indirection (such as reversal, doubling and inversion) to call attention to the “visualization error” of the photographic and modernist viewpoint.

Other contributors include Susan Dobson, Andreas Fogarasi, Louis Helbig, J.J. Kegan McFadden, Catherine Opie, Jill Glessing, Sarah Munro, Amanda Rataj and Dot Tuer.

  1. PREFIX PHOTO #25 Land and Sea

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