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16.5 × 21 × 1.5 cm

This issue of SHIFT exemplifies the malleability of designers and artists, and the diversity of skills that enable us to drift beyond the boundaries of our own disciplines. Everything you will find in this issue of Shift: Conventions represents the remarkable potential of language—both written and pictorial—to inform, excite, and express ideas. You will find the imaginative renderings from Monica Laflamme for her environmental design thesis, Mutable Structures: An alternative, collective living space on scaffolding. With her work, LaFlamme reminds us that at the core of environmental design there resides fantasy and dreams of utopia and their counterparts. We have included Xiulung Choy’s SPOT a mobile system that enables its users to find things once lost. On the surface, Choy’s project embodies a practical element and yet SPOT offers a great opportunity to discuss our relationship to the ideas of uncertainty and discovery. Yigi Chang explores the origins of gay culture through illustrations that bear a close resemblance to mythological creation narrative. Chang’s Queer as Folklore work shows us the power of fiction and its ability to describe the complexities of culture through wit and style.

Our written submissions include Jessica Leong’s A Psychology of Home, which examines artifacts from a series of cultural probes. Through the description and classification of her outcomes, Leong leads us to questions of home, sentiment, privacy, and the portrayal of personal life. We have Lisa MacDonald’s Memory and Movement, offering an intimate description of familial objects displaced from location and meaning after a death in the family. Kevin Boothe presents a well-articulated survey of Jacques Rancière’s The Future of the Image, Boothe’s analysis of Rancière explores our relationship with images and their context and further questions the role of design artifacts within the space of the museum.


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