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Zzz Züri

Ingo Giezendanner
Artists' Books
13.2 × 18 × 1.5 cm

The previous two drawing novellas took Ingo Giezendanner to far away places by train and ship. This time he paces his immediate surroundings in the city he grew up in. The dreamlike stroll through Zurich follows observations of construction and destruction and traces the reactions and remnants of its inhabitants. Accompanied by drizzle and rain this ordinary walk provokes a sort of cleansing in the city with its two rivers, which is famous not only for its high living standard but also for its cleanliness.

The drawings were made with felt pen in small notebooks. The hours-long work on the drawings, which are all made right on the spot, displaces Giezendanner into meditation and lets him perceive the urban space in different ways.

GRRR51: Zzz Züri completes the travelling book trilogy of GRR41: Baku & Back and GRR47: Iskandariyah Skan.

  1. Zzz Züri

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