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Quit, India.

Divya Mehra
Artists' Books
13.5 × 21 × 1 cm

Published in collaboration with Artspeak in Vancouver, Quit, India documents and elaborates upon Divya Mehra’s two recent solo exhibitions at Canadian Artist Run Centres: Turf War presented at PLATFORM in 2010 and The Party is Over, presented at Artspeak (Vancouver) in 2011. It includes essays by Amy Fung, Natasha Bissonauth and Kendra Place.

“…Through the appropriation of pop culture references, [Mehra} tackles larger socio-political concerns and issues of class, race, and gender, making their persistent complications and disappointments fair game. She tellingly frustrates her audience. . . to expose the anxieties of the South Asian diaspora. . . By integrating humor to reveal hypocrisy, Mehra’s work reminds those paying attention that this isn’t an equal world, and losing this belief, this privilege, is at the heart of her work.” — Excerpt from foreword by Kim Nguyen and Kegan McFadden

Hardcover, perfect-bound, colour pages.

  1. Quit, India

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