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Fantasy Art Now

Jay Isaac and Sebastian Frye
Swimmers Group
Artists' Books
14 × 21.6 × 0.6 cm

Utopia is unsettling. Equality will never exist but, as great humans, we can try sometimes, or think about occasionally it after work. Are ideas a commodity? We think so. What if ideas were free? Letting go of authorship is renewing a sense of freedom, encouraged by spiritual practitioners. It feels good.

This anthology gives away ideas that aren’t being used by people who think of ideas all the time. Everything within this book is public domain. You are encouraged, if you have the desire and resources, to pursue any of the ideas presented here.

Edited by Sebastian Frye and Jay Issac.


Abby McGuane

Olivia Dunbar

Julian Hou & Tiziana La Melia

Brad Phillips

Brad Tinmouth

Patrick Howlett

Robin Fry

CN Tower Liquidation

Deirde McAdams

Jessica Groome

Eli Langer


Geoffrey Farmer

Lex Vaughn

Jason McLean

Lili Huston-Herterich

Life of a Craphead

Corwyn Lund

Mark Soo

Sandra Meigs

Sojourner Truth-Parsons

Paul Butler

Jessica Williams

Robert Dayton

Zeesy Powers

Parker Branch

Zoe Barcza

Tyler Clark Burke

  1. Fantasy Art Now

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