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I Could See Everything

Margaux Williamson
Artists' Books

Taking the form of an exhibition catalogue, I COULD SEE EVERYHTING marks painter Margaux Williamson’s most extensive series to date. This suite of forty-six paintings, selected and curated by the Road at the Top of the World Museum for their tenth anniversary, shares the museum’s preoccupation with, as curator Ann Marie Peña says, “darkness as both geographical condition and conceptual idea.” In collecting forty-six works and thirty pages of source material alongside essays by David Balzer, Mark Greif, Chris Kraus and Leanne Shapton, and an introduction by the curator, this catalogue transcends the boundary between the authentic and the imaginary, and collapses the distinction between art show, museum catalogue and document of something astonishing that also never was. ISBN-10: 155245293X ISBN-13: 9781552452936

  1. I Could See Everything

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