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Wim Wauman: Paraphernalia - On The Status Of Inspirational Objects

Wim Wauman
Roma Publications
Artists' Books
17 × 24 cm
88 pages

Wim Wauman, known for his still life photographs, invited fellow artists and cultural practitioners to contribute meaningful objects to his “Paraphernalia” project, resulting in a collection of 171 objects with which he created and photographed 21 compositions in his studio. These odd still lifes resonate with historical visual traditions and alchemy, asking observers to make individual interpretations and connections. In this publication, each object is connected to its respective donor and therefore his or her artistic strategy. It includes commentary from the artists about their contributions, a critical essay by Stefaan Vervoort about the project, and a personal manifesto by Wauman.

Hardcover. Colour and black & white illustrations. Dutch and English text.

  1. Wim Wauman: Paraphernalia - On The Status Of Inspirational Objec

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