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Religious Symbols/ London Garden Birds/ Numbers/ Sexual Predators/ Political Symbols

Jonathan Ellery
Browns Editions
Artists' Books
22.5 × 27 cm
40 pages (each)
Contemporary Art, Graphic Design

A work consisting of five books, each with a different subject matter. But below these colourful covers unfolds a curious, absurd and sometimes dark narrative. Each book takes us on a journey of sorts, strange frictional relationships appear, some of which are nice and some are not. The divinity of religion, the Dickensian birds that Ellery sees from his windows, the abstract numbers, the sexual deviancy of the church, and the ideologies of politics create multiple layers of narrative that are personal and meaningful in different ways. Ellery presents these interweaving complexities with a minimal, direct and honest delivery.

Published 2014.
Boxed and signed edition of 150.
Each box contains five books.
Each book with a screen printed coloured gel.
Designed by Ellery.
13 images.

  1. ellery 1
  2. ellery 2
  3. ellery 3

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