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Das Rendezvousproblem

Hans Schabus
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Artists' Books
, Monograph

Known above all for his spatial and video installations, Hans Schabus sees himself as an explorer, venturing through his work into unknown territory. The result is work that is closely related to spatial thought and experience. This catalogue to Schabus’s The Rendezvous Problem exhibition was planned in close collaboration with the artist—it follows his artistic strategy in image, text, and concept, and records the process of development of his current works for the Kunsthaus Bregenz. A text by Fiedrich Dürrenmatt and reproductions of the artistic visions of the architect and draftsman Giovanni Battista Piranesi illustrate the artist’s visual thinking while color images of various views of the installation document Schabus’s central themes.
Foreword by Eckhard Schneider.

  1. Das Rendezvousproblem

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