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Borderline State

Olga Lavrenteva
Pikene på Broen
Artists' Books
17 × 24 × 0.2 cm
32 pp

Borderline State is a 30 paged comic story about the journey trough real and mythological northern countries and continents. Northern countries have always been at the junction of reality and fairytales. It’s sometimes difficult to separate them. This comics isn’t an attempt to narrate a logical and clear story. It’s a surrealistic and a bit insane story of Russian and Norwegian North, connected with contemporary scenes and author’s impressions of visiting Kirkenes. The comics contains maps of imaginary kingdoms, different schemes, kind of instructions and ordinary people’s personal memories. Some of them were found in Kirkenes library. The comics will be grayscale, in mixed media. Ink drawing is combined with photos from November travel to Kirkenes.

Saddle-bound, softcover, b&w.

  1. Borderline State

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