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Soft Sorrow & Miracles

Lisa Smolkin
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20.2 × 13.4 × 0.5 cm
Performance Art

Soft Sorrow & Miracles documents a five day-long series of performances that took place at 8-11 Gallery in Toronto, Canada in September 2015.

The book includes project descriptions and notes by the artist alongside photo documentation by Yuula Benivolski and texts by Catherine Riddell, Valerie Uher, Steve Kado and Arielle Gavin.

Lisa Smolkin is an artist living in Toronto. Her art practice comprises performance, video, and drawing, exploring themes of selfhood and feminism by incorporating elements from popular culture and healing traditions within humorous narrative structures. She engages audiences in an investigation of aspects of the ‘feminine’ that are generally undervalued and deemed ‘not-serious,’ from family/interpersonal dynamics to fashion. She was a frequent performer at Doored, a performance art/conceptual comedy show in Toronto put on by Life of a Craphead (Amy Lam and Jon McCurley). She toured with Doored to New York City (2015) and Los Angeles(2016).

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w
Unnumbered edition of 25

  1. soft sorrow smolkin

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