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NO-ISBN: On Self-Publishing : 2nd edition

Bernhard Cella, Leo Findeisen, and Agnes Blaha
Salon für Kunstbuch
Artists' Books
12 × 18.6 × 2.7 cm
506 pp
Books on Books

A book about extraordinary books that deliberately withdraw from the international book trade; A register containing 1,800 recent publications printed on paper, circulating without an International Standard Book Number (ISBN); A catalogue of micro- and alternative fairs held on four continents, an outline of media history, and manifestos from current avant-garde artists interspersed with texts on the international boom of artists’ books, written by active practitioners of self-publishing. This first, richly illustrated reader has been compiled by a team of editors uniting the areas of conceptual art, media theory, and cultural studies. It thus offers a navigational aid in the discovery of new, uncharted terrain.

With contributions of Sylvie Boulanger, Ulises Carrión, Gabriele Cram, Constant Dullaart, Kenneth Goldsmith, Kit Hammonds

Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour

2nd revised edition

  1. NO-ISBN: On Self-Publishing

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