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Memory Cookbook

Hiba Abdallah
Hiba Abdallah
5.5 × 22 × 0.2 cm
18 pp

In collaboration with the woman of the YMCA Healthy Lifestyles program in Waterloo, ON, this cookbook is composed of recipes made from memory. Each contributor shared one of her favourite recipes through drawings and alternative signifiers that describe how certain recipes are made. While some recipes are more abstract and improvisational, others mimic the structure of the more commonly encountered cookbook.

In the initial workshops, contributors shared stories and memories about cooking: the first recipes made, how our relationship to food has shifted after immigrating to Canada, dishes we love to eat but don’t make often, etc. The workshops helped frame the topic of food more broadly, bringing up the questions: what does food mean to different cultures and how does food link us all together?

  1. Memory Cookbook

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