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THE FUNAMBULIST 22/// MARCH-APRIL 2019: Publishing the Struggle

The Funambulist
31 × 23 × 0.1 cm
60 pp
Politics, Activism, Criticism

Publishing the Struggle constitutes an introspection, questioning the contents and forms of political publications. As such, it features articles about historical/canonical and contemporary publications that serves directly or indirectly a specific political movement. The description of The Black Panther newspaper (Jane Rhodes), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Bulletin (Danah Abdulla), the Tricontinental and OSPAAAL publications (Josh MacPhee), the Pacific Indigenous periodicals (Angélique Stastny), and the censored European publishers of the Algerian Revolution (Todd Shepard) are put in a productive dialogue about the politics of contents and form of young publications from Egypt (Mada Masr), South Africa (Pathways to Free Education), Lebanon (Kohl Journal), France (métagraphes), and Spain/Mexico (Pensaré Cartoneras).

Editor-in-Chief: Léopold Lambert
Editorial assistant: Nadia El Hakim
Head of Strategic Outreach: Margarida Nzuzi Waco
Contributing Copy Editor: Carol Que
Contributing Translator: Chanelle Adams

Softcover, staple-bound, colour

  1. Funambulist 22

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