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Co-existence of Times – A Conversation with John Akomfrah

John Akomfrah
Johanne Løgstrup
Sternberg Press
Contemporary Art, Conversations

Taking the form of a conversation with filmmaker and artist John Akomfrah, this book sets out to explore how Akomfrah’s work with montage can be understood to articulate contemporaneity in sensuous ways. In multilayered video installations, sequences of images are forced into the same time and space, allowing the viewer to experience connections in her/his/their present. With examples from many of his key works, topics discussed include untold histories and the diaspora, migration, and “the enigma of arrival.” Akomfrah defines his way of working with montage not only as a technique but as an ethic, an ontology in which differences are brought together.

  1. Co-existence of Times – A Conversation with John Akomfrah

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