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A Bookshop, A Bar, A Stage, A Window, A Book

21 × 30 cm

Produced and edited by EKA GD MA ’21: Carlo Canún, Rita Davis, Mark Foss, Michael Fowler, Miriam Humm, Oliver Long, Alexandra Margetic, Gréta Þorkelsdóttir, Patrick Zavadskis, with Sean Yendrys

180 pages
210 × 297 mm

Stacks of flat gold, pink, red, and blue welcome you to the Lugemik Bookshop in Tallinn, Estonia. Since October 9th 2021, the bookshop has been host to a series of projects and programs organized by the first-year MA students in graphic design at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

This space became a platform for making work and facilitating research interests. New projects emerged in response to four spatial contexts within the room: the shop itself, a space to consider selection, arrangement, circulation and representation of books; the bar in the back, a social space for hosting informal knowledge exchange; the stage at the front, a space for ‘formal’ knowledge exchange, public readings, lectures and workshops; and the window facing the main city square, a space for display and engagement with a larger outside public.

Each week the bookshop expanded and contracted, allowing for the introduction, overlap and disappearance of works at a variety of scales. The only record of this rhythm came in the form of loose A4 sheets—both a support structure to these projects, and a way to document them. The sheets grew into stacks throughout the room, recording the events, references, projects and themes which have moved between it.

On December 15th the project concluded with the release of this publication, “A Bookshop, a Bar, a Stage, a Window, a Book”, taking the form of a physical cover which doubles as a container to gather and hold these sheets together in one place.

Published by EKA GD MA, 2021
Estonia Academy of Arts, MA in Graphic Design
Tallinn, Estonia

  1. A Bookshop, a Bar, a Stage, a Window, a Book

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