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Orphx, Living Tissue CD

Richard Oddie
Handspring Prod., Dortmund,
14 × 12.3 × 1 cm

2001 release from Canadian duo Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey, aka Orphx. The Living Tissue is the product of a year-long study of the environment in and around the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. All compositions were created using location recordings of particular significant places as the primary sourse material. Throughout, Oddie tried to give a sense of some of the ideas and emotions that these places evoke.

Sound Sources:
Subterra: earth and soil gathered fro Spencer Valley – Dundas, Ontario.
Surface: earth, rocks and soil gathered from various locations.
Biorhythm: heartbeat, breath and synthesizer.
Mother Tongue: human body and voice.
Tidal: location recordings of Spencer Creek and Lake Ontario.
Ether: location recordings of wind from Cootes’ Paradise – Hamilton, Ontario.
Accelerator: location recordings of the Queen Elizabeth way and highway 401.
Naked City: location recordings from around the city of Hamilton, Ontario.
Dwelling: location recordings from 27 Bold Street, apartment 11.
The Living Tissue: location recordings from Spencer Valley – Dundas, Ontario.

Recorded Between July 2000 & January 2001 at Bold.
Comes in a SmartPac with a 12-page booklet affixed to it featuring metallic silver ink on black paper. Artwork by Nicola Bork, photography by Christina Sealey. Written and produced by Richard Oddie.

Track List:

1 Subterra 1:46
2 Surface 4:11
3 Biorhythm 4:54
4 Mother Tongue 5:09
5 Tidal 5:39
6 Ether 6:43
7 Accelerator 5:19
8 Naked City Tape [Loops] – Christina Sealey 9:29
9 Dwelling 7:59
10 The Living Tissue 8:10

  1. Orphx, Living Tissue CD

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