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Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson
Artists' Books
26 × 26 × 2 cm

Laurie Anderson is one of the most acclaimed and innovative performance, visual and sound artists working today. This hardcover overview, written by RoseLee Goldberg, a leading authority on performance art, delivers a comprehensive look at Anderson’s multifaceted career, from her performance pieces of the early 1970s to her 1999 electronic opera, Songs and Stories from Moby Dick. It also offers fresh insights into her pioneering multimedia pieces and her provocative collaborations (with William Burroughs, Spalding Gray, and Lou Reed, among others).

Includes photographs of Anderson’s performances, sculptures, books, installations, instruments, and inventions, stills from her films and videos, reproductions of her drawings and sketches, and including song lyrics and excerpts from many of her stories. With 323 illustrations, 117 in full colour. Prepared with Anderson’s cooperation and participation.

  1. Laurie Anderson

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