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Sound in Contemporary Canadian Art / Le son dans l'art contemporain canadien

Nicole Gingras
15 × 23 cm

This publication grew out of a research project by Nicole Gingras, a Montreal-based independent curator, critic, publisher and media arts event organizer. Her research began in the summer of 2002, as part of a six-month residency at Artexte Information Centre. Having identified various acoustic components in visual and media arts in Canada, the author shares her reflections on this exploratory approach to an art form at the junction of music, visual and performing arts.

Orchestrating key critical essays and never before published texts by 19 authors on events, exhibitions and individual practices, this anthology uncovers and examines the presence of sound and its listening spaces in contemporary Canadian art since the mid-eighties. A CD produced by Éditions Nicole Gingras accompanies the book.

Texts by: Diana Burgoyne, Tagny Duff, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Raymond Gervais, Nicole Gingras, Colin Griffiths, Steve Heimbecker, Christof Migone, Gordon Monahan, James Partaik, Hélène Prévost, Nicolas Reeves, Jocelyn Robert, R. Murray Schafer, Tom Sherman, Alexandre St-Onge, Michèle Waquant, Hildegard Westerkamp et Gayle Young.

Sound works and excerpts by: Pierre-André Arcand, Georges Azzaria, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Ken Gregory, Diane Landry, Hugh Le Caine, Emmanuel Madan, Rita McKeough, Bill Mullan, Daniel Olson, Rober Racine, Jean Routhier, Michael Snow, Martin Tétreault, Hildegard Westerkamp.

  1. Sound in Contemporary Canadian Art / Le son dans l’art contempor

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