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EN/OF 001-030

Tim Hecker, David Shrigley, and David Shrigley
Box Set
16 × 25 × 3 cm

Deluxe exhibition catalogue/package documenting EN/OF’s first 30 editions, as presented at Museum Kurhaus Kleve, Germany, May-June 2005. The EN/OF series of multiples combines/presents exclusive visual and audio artworks in traditional LP gatefold sleeve format, each available in an edition of 100. EN/OF001-030 includes a fully illustrated book (with essays by AA Bronson and Jorg Heiser), complete with artwork reproductions and a second, die-cut tray that holds 3 CDs. The CDs compile one track from each of the first 30 LPs in the EN/OF edition series. Visual artists include Liam Gillick, Angela Bulloch, Daniel Roth, David Shrigley, Dan Graham, Sarah Morris, Stan Douglas, Tacita Dean, AA Bronson and others. Audio works by Jan Jelinek, Tim Hecker, Pan American, Terre Thaemlitz, David Grubbs, Andrew Zealley, Ekkehard Ehlers, Ultra Red, Stephan Mathieu and others. All components beautifully housed in a grey slip case.


  1. EN/OF 001-030

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