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J & L Illustrated #2

Miriam Toews, Marcel Dzama, and Richard McGuire
Artists' Books
Paper Back
12.5 × 18 × 1.9 cm

Volume Two of J&L’s collections of drawings and writing.

Contributors include: Helon Habila, Miriam Toews, Kevin Sampsell, Adam Sternbergh, Paul Maliszewski, Sarah Shawn, Corey Keegan, Hannah Griffiths, Jeff Johnson, Nathan Whitlock, David Shrigley, Ryan Blomberg, Marcel Dzama, Forest Juziuk, Jason Logan, Justin Peroff, Amy O’Neill, Matthew Sandager, Serge Onnen, Jill Smith, Richard McGuire, Brian Rea, Harrison Haynes, Michelangelo Iaffaldano, James Gallagher, Olia Mishchenko, Leif Parsons, Gary Peter, Will Van Roden, Nick Dewar, Paul Marlow, Ryan Storm, Jemal Hamilton, Alex Romero, Zach Storm, Shawn Creeden, Brendan Nakahara, Al Peterson, Brian Rea, Booh Stoodio, Nicholas Blechman, Joe Mattson, Blixie, Tucker Nichols, and Michael Harwell.

  1. J & L Illustrated #2

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