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Fillip 11

Silvia Kolbowski
17 × 24.5 cm

Fillip 11 / Spring 2010 contents include “Notes Towards a Conversation on Painting “ by Lawrence Rinder, “Unresolved and Unanswered and Unspoken” an interview between Harris Epaminonda & Jacob Fabricius, “Fried’s Turn” by Arni Haraldsson, “2 or 3 Things in Relief” by Kieth Bormuth, “Sean Paul’s Kammerspiel” by Alex Kitnick, “Reading Mario Garcia Torres at the Berkley Art Museum” by Jamie Hilder, “The Story Teller of Negative Space” by David Berridge, “Statements on Appropriation” by Michalis Pichler, “An Impossible Map” by Milena Tomic, “Interdisciplinary and Participation in Contemporary Brazilian Art” by Renato Rodrigues da Silva, “Exhibition-Making with Ghosts” by Gabriel Moser, “Indirect Speech” by Antonia Hirsch, “Given without Guide’ by Aaron Peck, “Language To Be Looked At” by Kim Dhillion, “A Manual for the Discrete and the Continious” by Kate Armstrong and “Crawl and Trace” by Liz Park.

Project by Silvia Kolbowski.

Fillip is a publication of art, culture, and ideas released three times a year by the Projectile Publishing Society based in Vancouver.

  1. Fillip 11

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