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GARRY NEILL KENNEDY: Printed Matter / Imprimés, 1971– 2009

Garry Neill Kennedy and Peter Trepanier
National Gallery of Canada
Artists' Books
17.8 × 26.7 cm

Produced in consultation with Garry Neill Kennedy, this publication includes printed matter designed by, or in collaboration with, the artist and incorporates formats such as books, pamphlets, leaflets, sheets, cards, pageworks, posters, and wallpaper. Each entry, arranged chronologically, includes a photograph of the item and a physical description with the title, date, format, binding (where applicable), printing method, pagination, dimensions, publisher, and place of publication. The entries are followed by descriptive notes, which provide more detail on production techniques, as well as valuable new information supplied by the artist. References to published material are listed at the end of each entry. The bibliography consists of a list of critical works on Kennedy, as well as articles relating to his role as president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Compiled by Peter Trepanier

  1. GARRY NEILL KENNEDY: Printed Matter / Imprimés, 1971– 2009

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