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Roman Ondák - Guide

Roman Ondák
Mousse Publishing
Artists' Books
20.5 × 28 × 2 cm

Guide is an artist’s book co-published by Mousse and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König for the exhibitions at Villa Arson-Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Nice, Salzburger Kunstverein and Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneitá in Trent. Conceived as a true “guide”, the book examines all the work of Roman Ondák, presenting and analyzing in detail nearly one hundred works by the artist.

With writings by Luca Cerizza, Max Delany, Silvia Eiblmayer, Luigi Fassi, Ryan Gander, Francesco Garutti, Patricia Grzonka, Jens Hoffmann, Adam Kleinman, Simone Menegoi, Roman Ondák, Vivian Rehberg, Elodie Royer, Chris Sharp and Andrea Viliani.

  1. Roman Ondák - Guide

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