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Junk Jet #5 Net.Heart

16 × 21.7 × 1 cm

Junk Jet is a magazine focusing on technology, the internet and art. Edited by Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall.

Junk Jet n°5 has developed an archive impossible that ­trans­ports, in print format, net based works, or ­fragments of works showing collections, series, animations, applications, and reflecting anti-heart texts on the net and its new forms of art, design, and architecture. N°5, the net.heart issue, has transferred internet things from their digital space into a paper jet. This transportation procedure relies on documents in a similar way as the museum relies on photograph and video documenting performance arts. And Junk Jet believes that this analogue documentation is in no way inferior to pseudo-preserving techniques of data migration, emulation, or reprogramming. At the end, Junk Jet says: Transportation is not so much about the artwork as object, but rather about the indication of the subjective decision of the artist. In this sense Junk Jet is a Russian conceptualist.

N°5 features wireless contributions by Adam Cruces, Agathe Andre, Alessandro Bava, Alexei Shulgin, Angela Genusa, Angelo Plessas, Aureliano Segundo, Asli Serbest, Aristide Antonas, Artie Vierkant, Ball-Nogues, Bärbel Jetter, Bea Fremderman, Beatriz Ramo, Ben Aqua, Ben Vickers, Billy Rennekamp, Bonno van Doorn, Brad Troemel, Bryan Boyer, Carsten Güth, Christian Oldham, Christine Nasz and Stefanie Hunold, Constant Dullaart, Dennis Knopf, Eilis Mcdonald, Fabien Mousse, Gene McHugh, Greg J. Smith, Hanne Mugaas, Jacob Engblom, Jasper Elings, JODI, Jonas Lund, Jordan Tate, Katja Novitskova, Laimonas Zakas, Lenox Twins, m-a-u-s-e-r, Marisa Olson, Michael Schoner, Mike Ruiz, Mimi Zeiger, Mona Mahall, Natalie Bookchin, Nicholas O’Brien, Nicolas Sassoon, NIEI, NLarchitects, Olia Lialina, Palace Palace, Ricardo Scofidio, Parker Ito, Patrick Cruz, Pieterjan Grandry, Raphael Bastide, Sam Hancocks, Sarah Weis, Something Fantastic, Sterling Crispin, Theo Seemann, Will Brand, and Wyne Veen.

  1. Junk Jet #5 Net.Heart

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