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Show & Tell & Sell Benefit Ticket (SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER FOR MEMBERS)

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Special offer for Lifetime Members and Metropolitans Members ONLY


Art Metropole Benefit 2013

Date: May 22, 2013


Daniel Faria Gallery

188 St. Helens Avenue

Toronto ON M6H 4A1

An evening of stories, discovery and delicacies.

Specially selected friends of AM will present their favorite objects—art, book, or other—and share the fascinating stories that accompany all such beloved things. The evening will be an exclusive window into the personal collections of compelling artists, curators, gallerists, and collectors. Please join us!


Katie Bethune-Leamen

Ann Dean

Butcher Gallery

Sara Diamond

Zahra Ebrahim

Andrew Francis

Maggie Groat

Luis Jacob

Jp King

Peter Kingstone

Sarah Milroy

Philip Monk

Andy Paterson

Ben Portis

Julia Paoli

Ed Pien

Kitty Scott

Lucas Soi


Samara Walbohm

Tickets include entry to the event, edible multiples by Jiva MacKay, drinks by artists, a shopping bag designed by PROVENCE and will be redeemable for a 15% discount with your next purchase at the Art Metropole shop.

Charitable tax receipts are issued for $75 of the ticket cost.

If you can’t make it to the Benefit, perhaps buy a ticket for a friend, or contribute to an artist, or consider the option to DONATE NOW.

Shipping Note

Tickets and tax receipts will be mailed to supporter for orders placed before May 15. For orders placed after that time, tickets and tax receipts will be available at the door.

Please disregard shipping costs indicated by our website when placing orders for Show & Tell & Sell tickets online – a website glitch. There will be NO shipping costs added to your order.

  1. Show & Tell & Sell Benefit Ticket (SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER FOR MEM

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