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Coyote Responds: I Like America and America Likes Me

Rolande Souliere
Or Gallery
28 × 43 cm

Intended to haunt events and centers associated with the production and presentation of contemporary art, Souliere’s work features black and white reproductions of three faces obscured by colourfully patterned beadwork. Her defacement of these portraits leaves enough visible clues for an eye familiar with the most limited canons of Euro-American modern art to recognize the images of Joseph Beuys, Jackson Pollock, and Pablo Picasso. These artists are firmly entrenched in art history in part due to their essentializing and pilfering of the aesthetic forms and cultures of Indigenous groups.

Souliere engages the defacing of portraits as a near ubiquitous form of political and social critique. Each image is framed in her signature high-visibility traffic tape motif.

Commissioned by Or Gallery, Vancouver, 2017.

  1. Rolande Souliere

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